The gang are rehearsing a play about Romeo and Juliet. Vin as Romeo and Zero as Juliet isn't working out well when Zero always refuses to do kissing and love scenes. Meanwhile, Mr Soper catches Miss MacBeth acting awkward towards I.N.K. and is fired by Mr Soper. After that, I.N.K. has no more missions since Miss MacBeth is fired. MacBeth goes and has a comeback by using holographics to transmit herself to Pinkerton as the 'ghost' of the town. I.N.K. tries to recruit more people for the play but all refuse due to the ghost. They then use Van as their bait to lure the ghost in but they fail.When they rehearse the play, a light bulb almost hits Van and runs off saying they lied to her that the ghost wasn't real but it was. The gang then realizes Sadie's holographic transmission and tries to stop her. During the play, Sadie transmits another holographic image but this time it really is her. The gang stop her by throwing a net at her during the singing Sadie sings. After that, Vin and Zero kiss without any hesitation. The gang receive a standing ovation thinking Sadie's scheme was part of the play. Soper is then convinced that Sadie is okay and she is no longer fired, which makes I.N.K useful again.