Mice and Kids is the sixth episode of the series. In this episode Macbeth is secretly watching Mr Sopers class about freedom. Trixie explains her theory that freedom doesn't exist, saying that you can controll people with their fears or needs. Ms Macbeth gets an idea from this. Mr Soper talks to Trixie about her parents coming because she doesn't want to see them. Trixie decides to leave Pinkerton.

Newton gets upset that Trixie is leaving and runs away, while crying, Newton steps on fake vomit and is intruiged. He then follows the vomit and ends up falling into a trap set by Ms Macbeth.

Vin and Zero find Newton and other students are acting strange, they are obeying Ms Macbeths every order without hesitation and eating disgusting food. They create a diversion in class, grab Newton and go to Trixie. Trixie makes a plan for Vin to be a guinea pig in Macbeths evil plan.

Vin gets in trouble from Ms Macbeth and is sent to the damp dark and soundproof basement and falls into Macbeths maze. Macbeth is in a giant cat robot and chases Vin around the maze Macbeth then puts Vin into a state where he has to obey using her machine, "The Nightmare a Tron". Zero gets worried and goes after Vin. She finds the maze and searches for Vin while in her rabbit mask. Macbeth launches pianos from her cat robot and chases after Zero. After getting the robot stuck to a corner with chewing gum, Zero gets a distress call from Trixie, she arrives at headquarters to see Newton about to take Trixie to Macbeth. Unable to hurt Newton, Zero takes Trixie and runs. The girls then see that all of the students have been put into Macbeths state. Surrounded, Zero tells Trixie to run and get Soper.

When Trixie reaches Mr Sopers office, she finds that Mr Soper has also been put into Ms Macbeths state. Trixie runs to Ms Macbeths classroom, with all of the students in their state, including Zero. Macbeth tries to convince Trixie to join her, but Trixie refuses.

Ms Macbeth takes Trixie to be put into the state, but when she inserts Trixies file, Trixie reveals that she switched her file with Ms Macbeths so her Nightmare A Tron would show Macbeths fears. Trixie then reversed the order of the Nightmare a Trons button to cancel the effect of the state and wipe out the victims memories.

Trixie then remembers that her parents are coming and rushes outside as her parents arrive. The students party with Trixies party animal parents.