Voodoo Shampoo is the seventh episode in the series.


Zero is creeping down the hallway wearing a panda shirt.

Trixie: Zero, Van

Van is walking towards Zero, who quickly jumps on top of a doorframe. Van walks past completely oblivious. Zero sneaks into the shower room and takes off her panda shirt to reveal another top underneath. Suddenly a moblie rings.

Trixie: Zero, Bertha's coming

Zero panics but moments before Bertha enters the room Zero uses her top to tie herself to the light. She hangs there silently watching Bertha turn her phone off. Luckily the girl left just before Zero came crashing to the ground, taking the light down with her.

Zero: Is that the kind of watch you take Trixie?

Trixie: We wouldn't even have this problem if you would take your shower with all the other girls

Trixie turns off the camera, because Vin enters the room.

Vin; Hey what'cha doing?

Trixie: Just the routine camera check up

Vin: Without me and Newton?

Trixie: Well we wouldn't want to wake two top agents for a camera check up

Beads of pesperation roll down her forehead. Vin leaves.

The next day all the kids in pinkerton are in class. Daryl is at the front droning on about Haiti. Soper sneaks out. Vin is staring at Zero, when she notices this she narrows her eyes at him.