List Of EpisodesEdit

Episode # Episode title
1 "Armed to the Teeth"
2 "The Butterfly Effect"
3 "The Sleeper Agent"
4 "The Robot Rabbit Group"
5 "Saving Agent Newton"
6 "Mice and Kids"
7 "Voodoo Shampoo"
8 "The Outcast"
9 "Burt the Brute"
10 "The New Student"
11 "The Truth, The Whole Truth"
12 "A Strict Diet"
13 "Pinkertomb"
14 "Patient Zero"
15 "Lovestruck Stinkbomb"
16 "Ego Ergo"
17 "Donkey Tales"
18 "Mission: Forgotten?"
19 "The Queen's Game"
20 "Santa Claws"
21 "Macbeth Feels the Sting"
22 "What's Up, Doc?"
23 "Back to the Past"
24 Goast of Pinkerton
25 "Round Up the Usual Suspects"
26 "Investigation at Pinkerton"

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