Newton INK
Main Stuff
Title Newton
Gender Male
Job Secret Agent
Family His Dad
Friends Zero, Vin, Trixie, Children, Mr. Soper
Newton is the small "Invention-Making" part of I.N.K.
The Gadget Guy who invents devices to help the team. Often they use his devices to stop MacBeth, if the team needs something to use urgently Newton will help the team by developing gadgets with his useful tools. As the youngest child in Pinkerton, he is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to studies and aims to get a 100% average. He can sometimes be clumsy like his father, who is a scientist as shown in the episode "Saving Agent Newton". In the episode Lovestruck Stinkbomb' he wishes to be in love with Trixie and share a kiss with her, but as he later on changes his mind. He has orange hair, brown eyes, dark green jumper with a zig-zag across with a green-brown singlet underneath and grey jeans and also square glasses. He describes himself as the inventor.