Mr. Soper
Mr. Soper
Main Stuff
Title Mr. Soper
Gender Male
Job Headmaster of Pinkerton
Family Unkown
Friends MacBeth, Children
Mr. Cosmo Soper 'is the headmaster of Pinkerton School and is completely unaware about the existence of I.N.K. (Invisible Network of Kids) or the evil schemes of Miss MacBeth. Although very little about him is known in the I.N.K series, it shows in multiple episodes that he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of his students; the opposite to MacBeth, even. It is hinted in "The Truth, The Whole Truth" that he may know who Vin's parents are. He has brown hair, brown eyes, a blue/black t-shirt, red glasses, green pants and a white/brown beard. He describes himself as the boss.

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