Trixie is the strategic member of the group, coming up with all the plans and helping the I.N.K. team out of many problems with quick wit. Trixie is also a very gifted student and one of the best in Pinkerton and shows that she plays a mean game of chess in episode 19 "The Queen's Game".

For her age, Trixie is very mature and some what a neat freak and due to her personality has many quarrels with Zero as they share very different points of veiw. And though she can act cold-hearted she still has a soft spot for her fellow I.N.K. members.

Trixie INK
Main Stuff
Title Trixie
Gender Female
Job Secret Agent
Family Mother and Father
Friends Zero, Vin, Newton, Children, Mr. Soper


Trixie is always sporting her white, sleeveless shirt with gold linings, red head-band, black and red stripped skirt and a black bracelet. Trixie's hair is dark brown while her skin tone is several shades lighter but still quite dark, her eyes are also a bright green while her lips are very full and pink. She is also the second shortest of the group being shorter then Vin and Taller than Newton.

Though it is not seen on her person, she always carries a pen which she uses to communicate with her fellow I.N.K. members.