Vero is the romantic/platonic relation ship between V/in and Z/ero. They are otherwise known as Zerin (Zer/o V/in). Zin (Z/ero V/i)n. or very rarely Viro (Vi/n Ze/ro). Their main competition is Tin T/rixie V/in, Nero N/ewton Z/ero, Vain Va/n V/in and Vathy V/in K/athy.

Vero momentsEdit

Armed to the teeth

Zero was the last member of the gang to protest when Vin called Kathy ugly.

She pulled open the top of Vin's shirt when pulling him to the coatrack in a possible attempt to see his chest.

When she, Trixie and Newton were discussing Vin's braces she said "He didn't deserve to be so handsome" indicating she thought he was very handsome originally.

When Kathy and Vin are studying Zero is hiding behind her magazine rather than watching.

Vin casts a guilty glance towards Zero before flirting with Kathy.

The butterfly effect

Vin saves Zero

Zero thanks Vin which is very unusual coming from her

The sleeper agent

Vin drags Zero off with him at the dance

Saving the Agent Newton

Zero is told to go stop Vin and they end up having a tickle fight

Vin is seen helping Zero by taking her hand and she is smiling and looking straight into his eyes

When Newton kisses Zero Vin looks shocked and jealous

Voodoo Shampoo

Vin seems to feel the need to know what Zero's doing

He is seen staring at Zero until she notices and glares at him

He then accidently tells Newton he'd like to watch her take a shower

He says he is worried about her and wants to protect her

He tries to read her diary

He once again tries to watch her take a shower

When Vin get's angry with her, she decides to leave Pinkerton, as if he was the only reason she stayed.

He does watch her take a shower

He saves her

The Outcast

Zero tells Vin she would have protected him as well as she did Daryl

He looks shocked and angry when she says this, saying "You wouldn't have done more!?!" Showing he wanted Zero to care more about him than Daryl

He get's upset when Zero leaves their table to go sit with Daryl

He goes to stop Zero being expelled

Vin asks where Zero is

When he hears she's with Daryl he drops his sandwich and runs to find them

When he's left Trixie and Newton say he's jealous, possibly hinting they're Vero shippers

Vin goes to spy on Daryl and Zero

When Daryl takes just the smallest step forwards his face becomes so jealous

When it looks like Daryl and Zero are going to kiss he looks angry shocked and jealous

When Vin appears Daryl makes an excuse to leave them alone together, possibly hinting he's a Vero shipper

Vin wants to know why Zero isn't teaching him hinting he's jealous

Zero explains by saying Daryl doesn't have 'us'

Vin gives a cheesy grin and asks what 'we' have

Zero says'you you have ham stuck in your teeth'