A painting of Vin
Main Stuff
Title Vin
Gender Male
Job Secret Agent
Family Unkown
Friends Zero, Newton, Trixie, Children, Mr. Soper

Vin (short for Vincent) is the founder of the group who thinks of himself as hot, cool and God's gift to women and men. He continuesly keeps his hair perfect and is probably the coolest in the group. Vin always goes out on a mission with Zero while Trixie and Newton work at base. Despite Vin's vanity, he looks after Zero and their kinship is often displayed. But is it more than that? The episode 'The New Student' reveals that Vin is an orphan but it is not known that Mr Soper actually knew his parents, he never told him because of a secret reason. Vin is shown to be somewhat of a 'ladies' man' showing to have an attraction to the majority of the female students, including Van and Kathy. As well as fellow I.N.K members Trixie and notably Zero.


Vin is your typical pretty-boy; blonde, gelled hair, ocean-blue eyes and fairly tanned skin. He is always seen wearing his signature orange shirt with dark orange linings and a bright yellow star on the chest, dark jeans and a black watch in which he uses to communicate to the other I.N.K. members. He appears to have an average body build for his age and height.



It is strongly hinted that Vin has feelings for Zero. In the episode "Lovestruck Stinkbomb" they are shown messing around together while on a mission. Holding hands in the park, giggling in classes together. In "Voodoo Shampoo" Vin shows some desire to watch Zero take a shower, although this may be because he thought she was in danger. In "Back to the Past" he is very concerned when he thinks Zero has a boyfriend, Zero almost admits she loves him, he seems very annoyed when she doesn't get to finish, and at the end of the episode he looks at Zero with heart eyes. In "The Ghost of Pinkerton" he comforts Zero and seems very upset when she doesn't seem to have any romantic interest with him, when infact we are shown her blushing to his question, although they do kiss later in the episode. In "Sleep tight" he drags him off to the side of the party with him. In "Burt the Brute" he saves Zero but when he's upset she goes to him to help, and comforts him when later he gets beaten up. He saves Zero multiple times and gets very jealous in "The Outcast" when he thinks she might like Daryl. Multiple characters have stated the romantic connection between them.